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About us

We are an it firm that provides the software solutions your organization needs. Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals that learned their trade at one of the top telecom firms.

Our mission

Our mission is to help companies improve their business. Whether it's a consumer-oriented application or a business solution, ConduIT guides the process from idea to delivery, providing ongoing support.

Our plan

Our goal is to assist businesses in enhancing their operations. Whether it's a commercial solution or a consumer-focused application, ConduIT manages the process from conception to completion and offers ongoing support.

Our vision

The ideas of innovation, transparency, and agility serve as our compass. We can create amazing web material because of our collaborative style, creative contribution, and focus on economical solutions.


We provide high-performance services to help your business tackle the challenges of today's digital age. Based on your strategic goals, we design a software solution.

Market research

Prior to beginning each project, we evaluate the client in light of the location-specific market niche characteristics provided by the industry. This strategy provides us with insight into global leaders and the solutions they developed with budgets of millions of dollars.

Web hosting

We provide our own domain registration and hosting services. With a data center in Zagreb, Croatia is where our servers are located. The highest level of global security standards are met by power outage or fire insurances, which guarantee excellent availability and security of data and equipment.

Web application/pages

We offer the creation of numerous online applications and websites utilizing cutting-edge technologies. All of the pages we create are responsive, so they will all display properly on different devices (Desktop, mobile phone, tablet...). We provide software for your company that enhances operations, including appointment scheduling software or online stores with comprehensive analytics.

Database design

In the process of database modeling, our professionals employ specialized expertise related to the examination of business structure, events, and processes. PostgreSQL and MySQL databases are employed.

Technical support

We provide round-the-clock technical support if you require assistance using our products. You can call, email, or chat with us on the web. We provide comprehensive technical documentation and usage guidelines for each application.


One of the key components of web applications is RESTful APIs. Depending on the requirement specifications, these services can be delivered on several platforms. Using the Spring Boot development environment, we provide the same for development.

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When developing our applications, we use the following technologies



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  • The future of sales and customer service

    Chat is the preferred method of communication for 85% of customer and corporate interactions, and it has shown significant development in recent years.

  • Meeting the needs of customer

    Meeting the needs of customers More than 41% of customers now anticipate finding a chat box on your website. Customers that access your site from a mobile device see an increase of over 50% in this number.

  • A rise in income

    Customers are more likely to return to a website with a chat function (63% more probable), and 38% of customers prefer to shop there.

  • Quicker progress in communication

    A live chat response is given far faster than an email response, which can take several hours.

  • Implementation

    Ability to quickly add to already existent web pages

  • Personalization

    Possibility of selecting avatars, colors, and opening messages in accordance with corporate colors. Additional setups in relation to agreements

  • Back-up customer service

    Through our customer care center, we provide the option of live chat for autonomously responding to queries

  • Including AI.

    We create a chat bot tailored to your needs based on the FAQ. We capture client communications and build a bot using it.

The One - Gym Master software

  • 01.

    It tracks the number of members, monthly earnings, number of fitness facility members, and arrival statistics using the main dashboard.

  • 02.

    Using mobile devices, users can access fitness facilities (QR code or barcode)

  • 03.

    Web application users can see their arrivals, the status of their membership fees, and the number of people using the gym in real-time.

A creative individual who has a solid grasp of business requirements. Business analysts with many years of expertise have come to several findings that aid their clients in their development. accountable for establishing the strategic development of the organization. He enjoys spending his free time traveling while he's not working.


Ceo & Founder

Master of computers with a focus on utilizing modern technologies in the construction of web projects. There are several successful ventures by Iza se be. He enjoys playing football and hanging out with the team in his free time.



She appreciates simplifying difficult problems into elegant, lovely, and understandable designs. She developed UI design ideas while working on numerous projects that have everyone in awe. He works out at the gym when he's not coding.


Software developer

Nino (Sales Manager) - His preferred method is having lengthy conversations that are detail-oriented and focused on breaking down complicated issues into simpler ones in order to as closely as possible bring the product to the consumer. Other than sales, he is passionate about all sports.


Sales Manager

Nino (Key Account Manager) She is a pleasure to chat to and can soften even the most obstinate of clients. Her style of communicating is straightforward and concise. They enjoy their free time outdoors with their buddies.


Key account manager



Imotska 12, Stobreč, Hrvatska
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