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Costs of developing websites in 2022

Introduction to cost estimating

In today's digital age, creating and maintaining a website is essential for any business, whether it operates online or offline. But what should the price of a website be?

Your new website budget should be treated as an investment. The likelihood of a successful outcome increases with the amount invested in a strong team and plan. You'll need to provide some basic information about the final objective of your website and the target audience before requesting a website price.

  • How do you want current and potential customers to use the website?
  • How do you want returning visitors to the website to use it?
  • In what ways will your staff use the website?
  • How will the website be used by your business partners?



  • For individuals, start-ups and microbusinesses
  • 1-5 pages
  • Ideal for a simple presentation
  • May include blog form, contact, Google Maps
  • Project timeline 2 weeks


  • Unique websites adapted to business
  • Built on a scalable content management system (CMS)
  • It can include web shop, chat box...
  • Card payment
  • Project timeline 3 weeks

Custom web application

  • Ideal for larger companies
  • Can include up to 10,000 items/categories
  • May have built-in APIs
  • Login system, detailed statistics, online reservations, chat bot...
  • Project timeline 4-26 weeks

Additionally, we offer site maintenance (security, backup, minor changes to the database)


  • Wordpress uses a lot of plugins for websites, if a website uses a lot of plugins it will slow down the loading speed of your website. It only offers limited SEO optimization features in its packages, which is not enough to help you rank on Google. If you want to truly maximize your SEO efforts, then you need stronger software and technology to outperform the competition. Also, Wordpress sites offer similar templates and all sites look alike.

  • SEO optimization stands for Search Engine Optimization, i.e. optimization of websites for search engines, whose task is to increase the amount and quality of traffic on your website, naturally through organic (unpaid) results. The goal of every website should be to be found not only by name but also by keywords that are relevant to that business.

  • A CMS or content management system is a software application or set of related programs used to create and manage digital content. They have two components: Content management application (CMA) - for user creation, modification and deletion of content from the web without the need to know HTML. Content delivery application (CDA) - provides back-end content management services.

  • Hosting (or web-hosting) is the service of leasing space on the Internet server (server) on which your web pages will be located. Each website has its own hosting on a server

  • Responsive web design (RWD) refers to adapting (eng. responsive) web pages to the device or screen size. In other words, such pages, in addition to being "normally" displayed on desktop computers and laptops of different sizes, are also adapted to the smartphones and tablets from which the user accesses them, so that the information on the screen is transparent and readable.